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  • After-sale service

    We are committed to providing customers with high-quality services, and pursuing customer satisfaction is our consistent goal.

    Quality guarantee period:

    Within 18 months after shipment or 12 months after use

    Warranty Description:

    During the warranty period, according to the requirements of operation instructions and correct operation and operation conditions, the fault caused by poor product quality refers to the warranty content.

    After-sale service:

    1. Fault caused by wrong connection between product installation and other equipment.

    2. The fault caused by incorrect installation and operation is inconsistent with the operation instructions.

    3. Faults and faults caused by using lubricants not recommended by the company.

    4. Fault caused by incorrect equipment connection or special specification.

    5. Faults caused by the product conversion or structural change.

    6. Failure caused by mismatching of user selected components.

    7. Faults caused by external factors, natural disasters and other insurmountable disasters.

    8. Under normal operation conditions, wear parts such as natural wear, aging bearing, window sash, etc.

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